PS 130 May Science News!!!


  May is an amazing time to enjoy the bounty of Spring! At last the weather awakens the tiniest of creatures! Long walks, biking, skating, and playing in the park take us to places where we can look under rocks and leaf litter.

Library Time: Look for books about Butterflies! Get that garden in shape with a good How-to book on gardening techniques!

Special news for 4th Grade Parents! 

Science Practice Sessions for the ESPET Exam begin this Wednesday, May 6th!

Notices were sent out twice for the ESPET practice sessions open only to 4th grade students! Sessions are  5/6, 5/13, and 5/20. These sessions are very important! Please make sure your child attends each session from 2:40-4:10 pm in the cafeteria. Ms. C. Menon will assist. A light snack will be provided!

NYS ESPET 4th Grade Science Exam will be given in 2 parts. The (hands-on) Performance exam will be held in the lab, during the week of May 26-29th and the (multiple choice & short answer) Written exam will be June 1, 2015, in their classrooms. Please check the schedule below to ensure your child is present for the exam. There are NO make-ups for the written exam! *Only 4th grade students from 3/4-501 will take this exam.

Performance Test Scedule, in the Science Lab, room 507:

Class 4-502, Tuesday, May 26th @ 8:30 am.

Class 4-503Wednesday, May 27th @ 8:30 am.

Class 4-505, Thursday, May 28th @ 8:30 am.

*Class 3/4-501, Friday, May 29th @ 8:30 am.

Additional older science practice tests can be found online at under the testing site. See you soon!

Author: SBoyce-El

Science Specialist!

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