Fifth Graders used Everfi to learn Digital Citizenship

The 5th graders used Everfi’s Ignition Program to learn about Digital Citizenship. The program assesses students’ prior knowledge on topics such as privacy, security, cyberbullying, digital relationships, and the viral nature of the web.  After completing each module, students are assessed again on how well they comprehend and apply the concepts to real-life situations.


In this video, a 5th grader talks about how amazing this program is and gives a little tour of Module 5 on Copyright and Intellectual Property!

Students work at their own pace within the required modules. If they complete all 7 modules then they become certified.

Thanks to the Everfi company, the students were sent headphones to listen to the program, without them, this work, and other online programs we are experimenting with would not have been possible!

To learn more about the Ignition program, please watch the video below: