Hour of Code 2015 Student Links

photoThe Hour of Code (HOC) is a global movement reaching tens of millions of students in 180+ countries.  PS 130 will be participating in HOC during US Computer Science Education Week December 7-13.  During Media Literacy class, students will use a variety of online activities that will guide them through learning the basics of coding.  We want all students to understand that code is what makes all computer-based programs work, and code is written by people like them!

All our students will learn the basics of code next week. Some will get hooked and go on to become the world’s next big programmers, while some might be happy just tinkering. But EVERYONE will understand that code is what makes the digital world work, and that code is written by people just like them!

Parent Involvement

We need your help!  Please contact Ms. Valentino if you are interested in volunteering to help students and learning along side them as they code.

Also, the links below will remain available all year for students to continue using the software and tracking their progress.

PK-1 Student Links

PK-1 parents, these are the online activities through Code.org students will explore to learn the basics of coding.  Feel free to continue at home!

Studio.Code.Org Course 1

Student Logins for Grades 2-5

Students in grades 2-5, these will be your logins from now until you leave PS 130!  Click the links below and find your username (it will be your first name + graduating year@ps130brooklyn.com), then choose the secret picture given to you by Ms. Valentino).  TIP: use Command+F to search the page for your name

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.29.29 AM
Your secret pictures will look like this. They are your password.


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