Top Science Fair Projects: A Message From Ms. Boyce-El

Greeting PS 130 Families!
  Here are the winners of the PS 130 Lower School  and Upper School Science Fair! Please be prepared to come to the PS 130 PTA meeting tomorrow evening, January 21st, at 6pm in the Upper school! Trophies will be awarded at this time to our top 10 in the lower and top 10 in the upper schools! All other grade-level winners will receive their ribbons and certificates in class over the next week! Special thanks to all of the judges! It was still a very difficult process since so many projects were exceptional! Thank you all for your hard work!
Ms. S. Boyce-El,
Science Cluster


Lower School Top 10 Winners!

*Arianna’s Sun Robot Experiment.                            Overall Winner for STEM!
Arianna Maio, PreK-3.
*Magnet Dragnet 2016.                          People’s Choice Winner for Scientific Method!
Luke Nealon, K-202.


*How Does Water Get Cleaned?                        Overall Winner for Green Technology!
Violet Shouldice, K-206.
*Bridge Investigation. Dahlia Lieb, 1-402               People’s Choice Winner for Design!
& Emmet Lieb, 1-302.


*How Far Does a Sneeze Go?                             People’s Choice Winner for Originality!
Auden Philbrick, 1-304.


*What’s the Best Way to Wash Your Hands?       Overall Winner for Scientific Method!
Maggie Bredbeck, 1-401.
*The Sea Bin Project.                                          Overall Winner for Green Technology!
Sylvia Carrasquillo, 2-504.
*Best Colors For Houses.                           People’s Choice Winner for Scientific Method!
Oscar Milledge, 2-503.


*Lego Motors: Speed and Distance.                                   Overall Winner for Design!
Caleb Saxe, 2-503.


*Which Drink Damages Your Teeth The Most?                    Overall Winner for Scientific Method!
Daisy Robles, 2-504.


Upper School Top 10 Winners!

*Bacteria on the F Train.                                                      People’s Choice for Scientific Method!
Adam Bueno, 3-106.


*Solar System.                                                                            People’s Choice for Model!
Anthony Jarski, 3-101
& Frank Jarski, 1-301.


*3D Printing.  Overall Winner for Model!
Luca Mignatti, 3-101.


*Can the Sun Cook Our Food?                                                     Overall Winner for Design!
Leila Garcia, 3-102.


*Virtual Visits/ Raspberry Pi.                                                           Overall Winner for STEM!
Annabel Rodriguez, 4-303.


*Homemade Batteries.                                                             People’s Choice for Teamwork!
Nora Crean, 4-306 & Benji Gruber, 4-307.


*Are Two Eyes Better Than One?                                             People’s Choice for Originality!
Imaan Malhi & Aleha Syed, 5-304.


*Renewable Energy Project for KIds:                                   Overall Winner for Green Technology!
Power From Water.
Amjad Musleh, 5-406.


*Automatic Door Opener.                                                               Overall Winner for Design!
Elijah Moore, 5-304.


*What Are The Benefits of Having a Green Roof?                  1st Place- Green Technology Design!

Noelani DelCarmen, 5-401