Video: Buddy Bench Design Competition

Students: Design your own Buddy Bench!

from Mr. Stegman20160223_160637-1

“In discussion with Mariasara, Ms. Nunziata and myself, the upper school will be having a contest to create a buddy bench in the schoolyard.  The students will be using their creativity to help us design this bench.  All designs will be drawn out on paper and colored in to show how they would design this meaningful addition to our new school.

It is very important that our children regardless of age have a place to go when they are in need of a friend, whether it be adult or fellow classmate.  That’s where the buddy bench will help foster friendship and prevent any kid from being lonely.

We will also be initiating our student C.I.T’s program (Counselors in Training).  They will be the ones who will assist the student(s) that are in need of help.  They can help them practice the Heart A, B, C, D. Steps. (Attention, Breathing, Calm Body, Daydream).  These breathing techniques are very important because they help our students shift from Stress City to Calm City.   Once in Calm City, a child is experiencing Whole-brain and Whole-Heart Being (Daniel Siegel) and problem solving will be easier to manage. The Student C.I.T.’s are being trained to implement this throughout the lunch periods in order to help these children go from Negative Self Talk to Positive Self Talk.  This bench will give the counselors an idea about who needs help.  Those children will be able to go to our new bench to practice their Heart A,B,C,D’s.

If you love to draw and would like to sketch up an idea for the buddy bench, please submit it to Mariasara in the guidance office Room 329 or Mr. Stegman in room 301.”

Author: The Media Spot

The Media Spot collaborates with educators to integrate media literacy education into a variety of learning environments.

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