October Science News

Greetings Scientists!

   October is a fabulous time to walk through the neighborhood or take a relaxing drive through the neighborhood and watch the Fall foliage change colors! Our scholars are welcome to begin a leaf collection! How many different leaf edges can you find? 
   Watching the news or reading the newspaper is a great way to follow the changing weather patterns. Try using a thermometer at home to see if the Weather person is correct. You can track the change in daylight by marking sunrise and sunset on a calendar until we change our clocks!
Family Time: Cut open a small pumpkin and plant the seeds! Some of the prettiest yellow flowers bloom from the vines. The pulp makes for a delicious pie filling! Take a walk through the park and gently pull back the leaf litter to find insects that are hiding there! Please leave all creatures where you find them when you are done observing. 
Library Visit: October’s theme is Fall! There are lots of books about trees changing and animals migrating. For the chefs there are even great recipe books about pumpkin soup, bread, and pie! Yummy!
4th Grade Science Exam:  ALL 4th grade students will take the annual N.Y.S. ESPET Science Exam.  This exam is given in 2 parts.  The exams begin May 30th – June 5th.  3 practice sessions will be held in May.  More details to follow!
Annual P.S. 130 Science Fair!  It’s never too early to plan!  January will be here before you know it!  Your local library has tons of books on experiments!  The theme this year will focus on environmental protection!  I can’t wait to see this year’s entries!  Good luck!