October Science News!

Greetings P.S. 130 Scientists!
 Welcome to the 2017-2018 academic year! Please be aware that all 4th grade 
students will take the N.Y.S. ESPET Science Exam! This 2-part exam is given
during the last week of May until the first week of June. There will be a 
practice session in May for all 4th grade students. More details will follow 
in April!

 October is a great month to study FALL and all of its colorful changes! 
How do you know it is fall? Where do the insects go? What happens to the 
temperature? Why do leaves change color and fall off?

Family Adventure Time:
1. Where do the ants and worms go in the Fall? A long refreshing walk through
Prospect Park is a great chance to observe leaf litter creatures! Use a long stick 
and uncover small living things under the fallen leaves. Never take living things out of the park!
2. What are the parts of a tree, besides the leaves? A quick trip to the library
and you will find tons of books on tree anatomy. Look at the leaves in our 
neighborhood. How many can you identify?   
3. Use paper and crayons to make tree bark and leaf rubbings! Collect leaves and 
have an adult iron them between 2 sheets of wax paper! These "stained leaf" panels 
look wonderful in a window!


Author: SBoyce-El

Science Specialist!

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