November Science Lab News!

Greetings Scientists!

November is a great time to track the daylight hours as they end earlier and winter approaches. Watch and record what time it begins to get dark outside in a journal.  How many minutes earlier will the sun set each day for this week? Can you create a sunrise and sunset graph?


Scientists in Action: 

Grade 5 is working on a Rocket investigation! Students worked in teams to create their own rockets.  They used trouble shooting to fix broken models and made conclusions about weight and distance.  


Library Time: The local library has lots of books about the Sun and Moon. Picture books can show how shadows cover the moon to make it look like parts are missing.   As the moon shines bright one can imagine taking a trip into space.  Can you find a book about the first astronauts?


Family Time: Pumpkins make a great snack food! Ask an adult to roast the seeds in the oven with a little salt! There are lots of recipes for pumpkin soup, stewed chicken, or muffins!


Annual P.S. 130 Science Fair is coming in January! It is never too soon to plan your entry!