Early Childhood Math

The pre-kindergarten classes are creating number books using wiki sticks and stamp pads.  They are forming the numerals with their wiki sticks and then stamping  pictures to represent the number formed.  They are able to trace the numerals as a pre-requisite to writing the numerals.  We will be focusing on zero through five.

IMG_1573       IMG_1571

The kindergarten classes read a story about a sleepover party.  They used the math racks to write their own sleepover stories.  During this unit, we are investigating early number sense by decomposing numbers into two addends.  We are practicing writing addition number sentences to go with our pictures and then sharing our stories with the class.

IMG_1558    IMG_1562 (1)

Class 1-304 has been working on becoming automatic with their addition combinations of ten.  They played a game called “Chip Change” where they needed to turn all the chips from the red side to the yellow side.  As they play this game, they are recording the number of yellow and the number of red chips resulting in a total of ten chips.

Class 2-508 is using measurement to explore our base ten number system.  They are taking measurements with ten strips and then looking for patterns that arise when figuring out the total length in units.  For example, one group measured our table and found that it was 39 units wide.  They used 3 ten strips and 9 units to measure the width of the table.

IMG_1567    IMG_1568

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