P.S. 130 Science Lab!

December Science News!

Greetings Scientists!
  Happy Holidays from the P.S. 130 Science Lab! December is the 
perfect time to prepare for the 2018 P.S. 130 Science Fair! 

Library Time!
The local library is well stocked with wonderful science experiments
you can try at home! What melts snow the fastest? How can I use solar-power to warm my home? Is there life in snow water? How can I 
purify snow for drinking? How can I keep my pet warm if it lives 
How can I create a flood or fire barrier for homes? How can I create 
an oven for cooking without electricity? How can I communicate 
without a cell phone? 

Annual P.S.130 Science Fair!
Our theme this year is Technology for Aid! Looking at all of the 
natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes) that have 
happened this year, what technology can you invent to help in these
situations? Water needs purifying, electricity is limited, and many 
homes are not built to withstand earthquakes and fire! Of course 
these are some ideas, you're welcome to work on any project 
you like! The top 10 entires in lower and upper schools will 
receive a trophy! All participants will receive a ribbon or 
certificate award! Certificates and a ribbon will be awarded for all
whole-class experiments! Entries will be judged on originality, 
scientific method, teamwork, and display. People's Choice awards 
will be given to projects that receive the most votes at the fair!  

The P.S. 130 Science Fair will be held on 2 separate days 
           for the upper and lower schools!
       Lower School: Thursday, January 11, 2018. 
          In the Auditorium from 4:30-7:00p.m.
       Upper School: Thursday, January 18, 2018.
            In the Library from 4:30-7:00p.m.

All entries MUST be delivered to the upper or lower science labs,
and mounted on a 3 fold board by Monday, January 8th! 

You can buy a 3 fold display board at most dollar stores. 
Students may work solo, or in teams of no more than 4 students. 
Family members are encouraged to join in setting up the experiments! 
   PLEASE: NO fire, chemicals or liquids! NO VOLCANOS!!!
You may use pictures of your experiment to show any liquids or
chemicals used in the process. Always make sure you have an adult 
present when setting up any experiment! 
More science experiment ideas will be posted on the science 
bulletin board and sent to classrooms! See you at the Science Fair!

Author: SBoyce-El

Science Specialist!

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