February Science News!


Dear Scientists!

At last, here are the participants in the 2018 P.S. 130 Science Fair! Everyone is a winner, and with that in mind we will not award trophies this year. I do want to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond in making sure their entries were unique, organized, and insightful! Special thanks to Pre-K and all of the teachers that go out of their way to produce class projects, and encourage their students to participate every year. Stay tuned for information about the first annual District 15 Science Fair on May 10, 2018! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ANOTHER EXCITING SCIENCE FAIR!

                                 Lower School: P.S. 130 Science Fair 2018!

Class Projects:

  1. Growing All The Way Up To The Sky.

          PreK-1 & Ms. Feinstein. 1st Place- Scientific Method!

  1. What Will Sink and What Will Float?

          PreK-2 & Ms. Corrine. 1st Place- Teamwork!

  1. Ramps & Friction.

         PreK-3 & Ms. Cassie. 1st Place- STEAM!

  1. Which Cylinder Will Roll the Farthest?

         PreK-4 & Ms. Dalonzo. 1st Place- Originality!


  1. New York City Poop.

          Leo Wang, PreK-2.

         1st Place- Display & Originality!

  1. How Can I Make Candy Canes?                                            People’s Choice!

          George Gitt, PreK-4 & Ilsa Gitt, 2-502.

          1st Place- Teamwork & Scientific Method!


  1. Clean Water, Which Kind Tastes the Best?                        Above & Beyond!

          Joe Stewart, K-308. 1st Place-STEAM!

  1. Does More Yeast Make More Bread?                                  Above & Beyond!

         Halcyanna Pasternak, K-308. 1st Place- Scientific Method.

  1. Sink or Float?                                                   

          Milena Maczuga, K-308. 1st Place- Data Analysis!

  1. How to Make Pennies New Again!

         Alexis Brown, K-202.  2nd Place- Scientific Method!

1st Grade:

  1. See The Invisible.

        Emma Skye Smith, 1-402. 3rd Place- Originality!

  1. Eggs-periment: How to Cook An Egg Without Electricity.             People’s Choice! 

         Simone Soussanin, 1-402. 1st Place- STEAM!

  1. What Layers of Materials Are The Warmest Together?

          Sophie Sormani, 3-105 & Gavin Sormani, 1-401. 2nd Place- Teamwork & STEAM!     

  1. Getting Sugar Out of Milk!                                                 Above & Beyond!

          Eloise Walker, 1-302. 1st Place- Originality!

  1. The Floating Egg.

          Max Klein, 1-302. 2nd Place- Scientific Method!    

  1. Can We Warm Up Food Without a Stove or a Real Oven?  Above & Beyond!

          Kingsli Ardon, 1-302 & Caylee Ardon, 3-106. 1st Place- STEAM & Teamwork!

  1. Homemade Compass.

         Saul Lieb, 1-401, Dahlia Lieb, 3-101, and Emmett Lieb, 3-106. 

         2nd Place- Model/Design & Teamwork!

  1. Arianna’s Sandwich Bag Explosion!

         Arianna Maio, 1-401. 2nd Place- Organization!

  1. How Can We Use Ramps to Make a Car Go Fast?

          Liliana Garcia, 1-401. 2nd Place- Data Analysis!

Class Projects:

  1. Candy Cane Project.

          Class 1-302 & Ms. Lizardo. 1st Place- Originality & Teamwork!

  1. Do People Who Are Taller Jump Farther?

         Class 1-304 & Ms. Feliciano/Mr. Barlow. 1st Place- Scientific Method & Teamwork!

   2nd Grade:

  1. The Ball Experiment.

         Calla Gleich, 2-504. 2nd Place- Scientific Method!

  1. Which Substance Allows The Reaction to React Quicker?

        Ameer Saleh, 2-504. 2nd Place- Data Analysis!

  1. How Long Does it Take Water to Boil?                         Above & Beyond!

         Emma Sadie Slatkin, 2-508. 1st Place- Data Analysis & STEAM!

  1. What Cleans Oil Spills Best?                       

         Forest Dana, 2-508. 1st Place- Data Analysis!

  1. Does a Dog Have More Bacteria, or A Human?           Above & Beyond!

          Merritt Tucker, 2-505. 1st Place- Originality!

  1. Why Does Popcorn Pop?

          Aroush Shafiq, 2-505. 2nd Place- Model/Display!

  1. A Motor In Reverse- A Generator.                                  ESL Above & Beyond!

         Wiktoria Smolinska, 2-505. 1st Place-STEAM!

  1. Balloon Air Pressure Experiment.

         Hani Sageer, 2-503. 2nd Place- Originality!

  1. Taste The Rainbow.

          A.J. Feliciano, 2-503. 1st Place-Teamwork & Scientific Method!

  1. The Best Way to Keep An Ice Cube From Melting.

          Diora M. Adkins, 2-508. 3rd Place-data Analysis!

  1. Space Between Rock Particles.

         Shoshana Seigel, 2-508. 2nd Place- Data Analysis!

  1. Do Bigger Paper Airplanes Fly Farther?             Above & Beyond!

          Sebastian Maczuga, 2-504. 1st Place- STEAM!

  1. The Tower of Rocks Experiment.

          Winston Cullen, 2-504. 2nd Place- Engineering & Design!

  1. Hurricane Shelter.                                                    Above & Beyond!

          Suri Stockton, 2-508. 1st Place- Engineering & Design!

  1. Volcano

          Anzabin Mansur, 2-503. 3rd Place- Model/Display!        

  1. How To Make Slime.

         Mokhina Asadova, 2-502. 3rd Place- Data Analysis!


                                       Upper School: P.S. 130 Science Fair 2018!

3rd Grade:

  1. Landslides.

         Gianna Tesoriero, 3-105. 2nd Place- STEAM!

  1. Bridges.

         Christopher Thayer, 3-106. 2nd Place- Organization & Engineering!

  1. Protecting Houses From Hurricanes!

         Seraphina Duclayan, 3-105. 1st Place- Engineering & STEAM!

  1. Gravity vs. Force.

          Roland Mendez, 3-106. 2nd Place- Engineering & Design!

  1. How Can I Recycle Garbage to Create New Building Materials?

         Maggie Bredbeck & Leah Stein, 3-101. 2nd Place- STEAM & Teamwork!

     6. How to Extract Salt From Water.

         Jackson Sobel, 3-106. 2nd Place- Originality & Organization!

  1. How Does Temperature Affect the Size of a Balloon?

         Keerthana Sawhney-Shah & Nabida Faruk, 3-106.

         3rd Place- Scientific Method & Teamwork!

  1. Bridges By Ewan.

         Ewan J. Rickard, 3-102. 2nd Place- Organization & Design!

  1. Allegra’s Baking Powder Experiment.

         Allegra Maio, 3-102. 2nd Place- Organization & Originality!

  1. How Does Storage Temperature Affect The Amount of Popcorn Popped?       

          Maksim Shishonok, 3-102. 1st Place- Data Analysis!            Above & Beyond!

  1. Girls vs. Boys.                                                                             People’s Choice!

         Autumn Friesz, 3-102. 1st Place- Originality!

  1. What Lives in Your Mouth?                                                Above & Beyond!

          Brooke Newberger, 3-101, Elah Ikegami, 3-101,

          Rose Jose, 3-101 & Anya Heller, 3-105.

          1st Place- Data Analysis & Teamwork!

  1. Rehydration of Dried Fruit.

         Willa Roth, 3-105. 3rd Place- Originality!

  1. What is My Cat’s Favorite Meal?

          Aleksandra Surulo, 3-105. 2nd Place- Scientific Method!

  1. Skittles Experiment.

         Buket Uyar, 3-101. 3rd Place- Scientific Method!

  1. What Does My Guinea Pig Like to Eat?                          Above & Beyond!

          Derin Seckin, 3-105. 1st Place- Data Analysis!

  1. Water Fountain.

          Jackie Chavez, 3-102. 2nd Place- STEAM!

  1. How to Generate Power Using a Copper Wire, Batteries, and Magnets.

         David Espinal, 3-106 & Lucas Espinal, 5-304. 2nd Place-Engineering & Teamwork!

  1. Can Dishwashing Liquid Clean Up Oil?

          Skyler Matos, 3-106. 3rd Place- Scientific Method!

  1. Slime.

         Meerab Kashif, 3-106. 2nd Place- Data Analysis!

  1. How to Make Lava in a Cup.

         Dilnoza Abdalimova, 3-102. 3rd Place- Originality!

  1. Interesting Experiments With Water.

         Akbarbek Halikov, 3-106. 3rd Place- Originality & Design!

Class Projects:

     Our Model Suspension Bridge.

     Class 3-105. 1st Place-Engineering & Design!                                                                    

4th Grade:

  1. Slime Time.

         Ella Mignatti, 4-307. 2nd Place- People’s Choice for STEAM!

  1. What Is The Best DIY Slime?

          Gwen Niccols, 4-309. 2nd Place- Design & Organization!

  1. Let’s Learn About Our Solar System.                        ESL Above & Beyond!       

          Heidi Neri, 4-303 & Sarah Adal, 4-309. 1st Place- Model/Display!

  1. Chill Out.                                                                          Above & Beyond!

          Luca Mignatti, 4-306. 1st Place- Data Analysis!

  1. How Can We Build to Provide the Most Protection During a Natural Disaster?

          Mariella Rodriguez, 4-307. 1st Place- Engineering & Design!

  1. Which Liquid Has The Most Neutral pH?

          Lylah Wendroff, 4-307. 1st Place- Organization & STEAM!

  1. Naomi’s Gramophone.                                                  People’s Choice!

         Naomi Paz, 4-307. 1st Place- Engineering Design & Originality!

  1. Float or Sink.

         Afrah Ahmed, 4-303. 2nd Place- Organization.

  1. Self-inflating Balloon.

         Eli Brown, 4-307. 3rd Place- Scientific Method!

  1. Can You Make  Solar Cell?                                            Above & Beyond!

          Asa Odom, Dylan Barrosa, & Caleb Saxe, 4-307. 1st Place STEAM & Teamwork!

  1. Paper Airplanes in Flight.                                           ESL Above & Beyond!

         Victoria Ptaszek & Francsca Montagna, 4-306. 2nd Place- Engineering!

  1. Eggs in Cola.                                                                    ESL Above & Beyond!

         Emery Rodriguez & Wharlen Fernandez, 4-309. 

         1st Place- Scientific Method & Teamwork!

  1. Earth’s Speed.

         Sabina Babakulortyrtyva, 4-307. 3rd Place- Model/Display.

  1. Wind vs. Electricity.

         Edmon Saleeb & Vincent Walton, 4-307. 2nd Place- Teamwork & Engineering Design!

  1.  How to Inflate A Balloon Using Baking Soda & Vinegar.     ESL Above & Beyond!

          Anika Romano, 4-306 & Amber Romano & Jazmin Guzman 4-307.  

          1st Place- Organization & Teamwork!

  1. How to Turn An Egg Into Rubber.

          Elma Fahmida, 4-306. 2nd Place- Originality!

  1. What Type Of Garbage is the Most Dangerous?

          Norodom Ung & Jayaverman Ung, 4-309. 2nd Place- Teamwork & STEAM!

Class Projects:

  1. Eyes or Ears- What Do You Use to Learn?

         Class 4-307 & Ms. Tricia/ Ms. Mindy. 1st Place- STEAM!

5th Grade:

  1. Does Listening to Music Make Your Memory Better?           Above & Beyond!

          Leila Garcia, 5-301. 1st Place- Data Analysis & Originality!

  1. The Big Bubble.

         Sherlyn Leon Enriquez, 5-401 & Alison Leon Enriquez, 5-304.

         3rd Place-Scientific Method & Teamwork!

  1. Magic Milk.

         Isabella Thayer, 5-401. 2nd Place- Organization & Display!

  1. Solar House.                                                                                       People’s Choice!

          Emily Marcial, 5-406. 2nd Place- Model/Display.

  1. Keep It Green!                                                                               Above & Beyond!

         Catherine Perez, 5-406. 1st Place- Model/Display!

  1. Human Body.                                                                                ESL Above & Beyond!

         Emily Kushch, 5-401. 2nd Place- ESL Model/Display.

  1. Can Solids Flow Like Liquids?                                                 Above & Beyond!

         Louis Hoguet-Walsh, 5-301. 1st Place- Data Analysis!

  1. Can You Convert Seawater To Drinking Water?

         Sophia Clark, 3-102 & Andreas Clark, 5-304. 2nd Place- Teamwork & STEAM!

  1. Volcano Eruption.

          Isabel Kirwan, 5-304 & Valentina Dos Santos, 5-304. 

          3rd Place- Engineering Design & Teamwork!

  1. How to Make a Solar Oven.

          Sandeep Singh, 5-406. 2nd Place- STEAM!

  1. Why Does the Pacific Ocean Not Mix With the Atlantic Ocean?

          Rafay Waraich, 5-304. 3rd Place- Model/Display!

  1. How to Color a Flower.

         Anilly Rojas & Arjita Sarma, 5-401. 2nd Place- Teamwork!

  1. What Type of Sponge Will Absorb the Most Water?

         Kayanat Habib, 5-401. 2nd Place- Data Analysis!

  1. Why Do We Sweat?

          Gael Allen & Eben Gollam, 5-401. 2nd Place- Display/Model & Teamwork!

  1. Solar System.

         Eileen Morales & Ella Wu, 5-304. 3rd Place-Model & Teamwork!

Photos from the Lower School Science Fair

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Photos from the Upper School Science Fair

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