Meet the New Science Teacher — Ms. Mallery

What do asking questions, developing and using models, trying to understand data and using evidence in an argument all have in common?   They are all science and engineering practices that we are going to do together this year in the upper and lower labs at PS 130!

My name is Sydra Mallery, sometimes on this blog to be known as Syd the Science Kid. (But not in the classroom, my teacher name is Ms. Mallery.)   I have been a teacher for eighteen years in the New York City public schools.  I started out right here in this neighborhood at PS 230, where I was lucky enough to teach second grade to both Ms. Sorenson’s daughter and Mary’s son and daughter.  I even taught with Ms. Feliciano’s brother, Mr. Peterson.  I then moved over to Brooklyn School of Inquiry, the only city-wide gifted school in Brooklyn, where I taught second grade, third grade reading and writing, some drama and dance and science.  Of all of my eighteen years of teaching, the three years I taught science have been my favorite.

Why? I love teaching science because it is non-stop fun.  It is so engaging to wonder and experiment and observe how the universe works.  I love getting kids hands dirty and their minds reeling with questions.

When I’m not teaching science, I enjoy doing yoga (and sometimes teaching it), riding my bike, hanging out with my two sons, and writing picture books and poems.  I live in the neighborhood, so don’t be shy to give me a wave if you see me on the street.

I love posting lots of pictures of young scientists in action, so be sure to turn in your photography release forms, so I can start right away.

Interested in helping me and the kiddos make our school super green?  And I don’t mean with paint.  On October 13, there will be a conference for parents seeking to help make schools more sustainable.

Conference Details:
Cowin Auditorium, Columbia University Teachers College
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Ms. Mallery