What’s Happening in First Grade Science?

At curriculum night, I passed out sheets with information about what each grade will be learning this year.  Here’s the run down, in case you missed it!

Here are the units first grade scientists will be doing over the course of the year:

Animal and Plant Defenses: Spikes, Shells, and Camouflage. Students advise an aquarium director by helping answer young visitors’ questions about Spruce the Sea Turtle, who will soon be released back into the ocean. They investigate how Spruce and her offspring can survive in the ocean, particularly since sharks live in the area. Students obtain information from videos and science books about how plants and animals survive and about parents and offspring. Students make physical models and write explanations to show what they learn about the structure and function of animal defenses.

Light and Sound: Puppet-Theater Engineers. Students act as light and sound engineers to design and create a scene for a puppet show. Students ask questions and work to de ne the design problems they are asked to solve. They figure out cause-and-effect patterns related to light, shadows, and sound by conducting hands-on investigations and reading science books. They use both firsthand evidence and evidence from books to support their ideas.

Spinning Earth: Investigating Patterns in the Sky. In the role of sky scientists, students work to understand why the sky looks different to a young boy and to his grandma when they talk on the phone in the evening. Students plan and conduct investigations and find patterns in data to figure out what causes nighttime and daytime, and the changing position of the sun in the sky. Thinking in terms of systems helps students make sense of the Earth/sun system.