What’s Happening in Kindergarten Science?

Classes K-307 and K-308 have had a fun start to the year in science.  Here is a brief description of the units we will be doing in science this year.  After these units are done, we will do a mini-unit exploring weather.

Here are the units kindergarteners will be doing over the course of the year:

Pushes and Pulls: Designing a Pinball Machine. Students take on the role of pinball machine engineers as they explore the effects of forces on the motion of an object. They consider cause and effect and structure and function as they design and build their own pinball machines. They analyze data from their tests using mathematical thinking. Students also gather evidence of forces at work in their school.

Needs of Plants and Animals: Milkweed and Monarchs. Students help a group of children figure out why there are no more monarch caterpillars in a community garden and how to bring them back. Students conduct hands-on investigations to figure out what plants need in order to live and thrive. They ask questions and learn about the system of plants and animals that live together in a habitat. They figure out patterns in the life cycles of living things by reading and analyzing photographs.