Bi-o-Bus! Bi-o-BUS! BI-OBUS!

This was the chant that came from the excited mouths of PS 130 third graders this Friday, as they approached the souped-up airstream trailer parked in front of the upper school full of micro-mysteries awaiting them.  It was a strangely fortunate coincidence that the upper school BioBus visit happened on Crazy Hair Day.  That’s Crazy Hair BioBus day to you!

Students were broken into two groups before entering the BioBus.  Each side had its own allure.  The program was called “Daphnia, Microscopes, And Me!”  One side of the bus featured a classroom space large enough to seat half a class.  They had a hand-held microscope called a Miscope, that projected an image on a large screen.  Many students were able to choose what they would like to have magnified, then everyone could see it.  I won’t say too much, because second graders will be doing the same program this coming Friday, but there were lots of oooohs, and aaahs and WOAHs!

On the other side of the bus, young scientists with dazzling hair were able to look at a living creature, Daphnia, under a more powerful microscope.  It was a day that won’t soon be forgotten.  Thank you, PTA!