STEM Expo!

A backpack note went out to all K-5 families mid-December about our STEM Expo, formerly known as the PS 130 Science Fair.  If the note was somehow missed by your family this year, next year be ready to start your project mid-December, when the note will always goes out.

Here are some questions I have been getting:

Q: Is the STEM Expo mandatory?

A: No.  The STEM Expo is voluntary for all students.

Q: Can Kindergarteners participate in the STEM Expo?

A: Of course!  All students, in grades K-5 are encouraged to participate.

Q: Where should I drop off my students’ project?

A: If your child is in the lower school, please bring the project to room 507 in the lower school.  If your child is in the upper school, please bring the project to room 434 in the upper school.  If you did a project with children who are in both buildings, bring the project to the lower school room 507, and I will bring it to the upper school for the second fair.

Q: What is happening on Tuesday afternoons?

A:  On Tuesday afternoons, I am available in the lower school to speak to all PS 130 families who need help with their science or engineering projects.  It is not a workshop or an after-school program.  I am available for help.

Q: How can I get my child to do the bulk of the work and not make the project about me?

A: This is a tricky one.  It is a continuation of the constant parenting tightrope walk of Am-I-Doing-Too-Much and Am-I-Doing-Too-Little.  The best way to make the project be your child’s project and not yours, is to think of yourself as a tour guide.  If your child has too many ideas, help them zoom in on one.  If your child has no idea how to do research, help them write interview questions and contact someone to interview. Help them find books or find kid-friendly credible websites. If you find that you are making their model, or staying up all night working on the project, then you fell off the tightrope.  Get back on and put it back into your child’s hands.  I hope this helps!