Unwrapping September

IMG_9875September can be messy, but in all the best ways.  I share with you here, a messy photo of the PS 130 Lower School science lab as I unwrap the beautiful new stools that were bought for us by the community and some strangers near and far.  Thanks to all who donated to my Donor’s Choose project, the little ones in the PS 130 Lower School will no longer have to make do with the fifth grade chairs we had last year.  Thanks to the sweat and dedication of the custodial staff, the old chairs (which were really heavy) were brought downstairs and six huge boxes of brand-new stools were brought up the five flights of stairs. Thanks to this community, the little guys now have little stools, and our skillful principal will have to spend less money on furniture and more money on fun stuff.

This is my twentieth September as an elementary school teacher.  Yet, somehow I am still surprised at how tired I feel this first week after Labor Day, switching from lazy beach days to days chock-full of making seating charts, writing lesson plans and sticking labels to things with all the packing tape I can find.  As a science teacher, I am lucky enough to see the same faces each year.  Except slightly different– this one got braces, that one cut her hair.  I get to watch them grow.

So, as tired as I feel, I feel that much elated to be a part of PS 130.  Like many of you, I watched in awe as the workers who had become so much a part of our daily lives, slowly unwrapped the lower school of its scaffolding just before the school year began.  What a gift! PS 130 is truly an amazing place to spend my days.  I can’t wait to post some photos of all the science work we are doing here, so please send in your photo permissions forms, ASAP!  Happy September to you and yours.



Ms. Mallery