PS 130 Statistics

The NYC School Quality Snapshot and Guide informs families about a school’s strengths and weaknesses, emphasizing how far students have come in the past year.

According to research, schools that are strong in the following six areas are more likely to improve student learning: rigorous instruction, collaborative teachers, supportive environment, effective school leadership, strong family-community ties, and trust.  Both the School Quality Snapshot and the School Quality Guide provide statistical information on schools and the results forming student achievement.

Quality Review Report

A quality review report was conducted 2014/2015 and the overall evaluation was WELL DEVELOPED (WD).

The Quality Review Report describes what the reviewers saw at the school — what life is like there. The report identifies some of the strengths in the school, as well as areas where improvement is needed with suggestions for making improvements.

The Well Developed rating earned the school the highest grade for highly effective teaching and learning practices, strategic school management, and an excellent quality learning environment.

The Quality Review Rating is based on three major categories of school performance:  instruction that prepares students for college and careers, school organization and management, and quality of the learning environment.

Click here to see the 2014/2015 Quality Review Report (pdf)

School Context Statistics

The Parkside School is an elementary school with 806 students from Pre-kindergarten through grade 5. The school population comprises 46% White, 24% Hispanic, 17% Asian/Pacific Islander, 7% Black,  5% Multiracial, & 1% American Indian (statistics are based on non-overlapping groups, where students count in only one group). The student body includes 11% English Language Learners and 24% Students with Special Needs. The average attendance rate for the school year 2017 – 2018 was 95%.

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