Math Enrichment:  In addition to the math that is taught every day in the classroom, all classes also receive math enrichment once a week.  The enrichment consists of games and activities related to what is being taught by the classroom teacher.

Different strategies for solving problems are explored with the whole class using “math strings”.  These are a series of related problems that are presented in a way that encourages the children to use prior knowledge and a wide variety of mental problem solving strategies.

Strategies and concepts that are explored throughout the year using “Math Strings.”

Kindergarten – Quick images are used where a picture is shown to the students quickly.  The picture has different numbers of objects.  Children determine how many are there and explain how they know.  This is supporting the student’s subitzation skills.

First Grade – Early addition and subtraction with numbers to 20.

Second Grade – Continue with early addition and subtraction.  As the year progresses we move onto double-digit addition and subtraction.

Third Grade – Begin the year with double-digit addition and subtraction.  Mid-year we move onto basic multiplication facts.

Fourth Grade – Begin with basic multiplication facts and move on to double digit multiplication and division.  The use of ratio tables as a multiplication strategy is explored.

Fifth Grade – Begin with double digit multiplication and division.  decimals and percents are presented using a ratio table as a strategy to multiply.

Click here to view a slideshow presentation from a Parent Workshop on Exploring Math at PS 130.

More information is available on the DOE website where you can find an overview of Mathematics.