PS 130 Science Lab

IMG_4873 copyThe P.S. 130 Science lab underwent a complete renovation to align tools, technology, and thematic work with the NYS Science Standards and the Core Curriculum.  In keeping with best practice recommendations from the National Science Education Standards, the P.S. 130 Science Lab is designed to allow hands-on differentiated scientific exploration for all students in grades Pre-K through 5th.

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Inquiry-based themes are constructed around questions that build on students’ innate curiosity about the natural forces of the world.  Learning progressions integrate engineering, math, cooking, and science in collaborative group work.

The well-stocked science library facilitates literacy – particularly nonfiction reading, comparing methods, and charting.  Mathematical explorations involving measurement, time, and recording data readily engage students in practical situations.  Students in Grade 4 take the NYS Science exam each May.

Live animals continue to be a main feature of the lab as we study the Living Environment.  SMARTBOARD technology, WITS cooking equipment, and numerous outside service providers, (Cooper Union, STEM, and Wellness-in-the-Schools) further enhance this multi-sensory program!  Our annual Science Fair is held every January and featured more than 100 entries!

This year we begin our huge push in science coupled with technology, STEM! Aside from the guidelines described in the Core Curriculum it is imperative that we prepare our students for robotics and technology which are fast becoming the norm in many middle schools!  Last year we ventured forth into the NYC STEM Science Fair and joined 200 other NYC schools in displaying our projects!

The P.S. 130 Science Lab is a base that doesn’t just teach facts but gives enough information for students to have a core to base predictions and adjust ideas from.

Science Scope 2013-2014

Grades K-2 have 3 main Units of Study  Grades 3-5 have 4 main Units of Study.  Each Unit is approximately 8 weeks long.  Due to the Pre-K half-day schedule, units are introduced whenever possible along with open visits to the Lab.  Outside service providers vary in scheduling, however Part I activities begin in November and Part II activities occur in the Spring.

Kindergarten:  Animals, Trees & Seasons, and Properties of Matter.

1st Grade:  Animal Diversity, Matter and Weather & Seasons.

2nd Grade:  Plants Diversity Forces & Motion, and Earth Materials.

3rd Grade:  Animal & Plant Adaptations, Matter, Simple Machines, and Energy.

4th Grade:  Animal & Plant Food Chains, Electricity & Magnetism, Properties of Water, Air, and Land.

5th Grade:  Ecosystems, Design Experiments, Earth Science, and Nutrition.