PS 130 has established a curriculum for its students that strives to help each student reach their full learning potential.


students writing

PS 130 teachers use a balanced literacy framework for teaching reading and writing. This is a research-based approach in which students are exposed to authentic literature texts in various ways, throughout the day and across the week. Through the use of a combination of whole-class and small-group lessons, and one-on-one conferences, teachers are able to differentiate instruction for students so that children are being taught exactly what they need, when they need it.


ps 130 students compete in a math league challenge

In addition to the math that is taught every day in the classroom, all classes also receive math enrichment once a week.  The enrichment consists of games and activities related to what is being taught by the classroom teacher. Different strategies for solving problems are explored with the whole class using “math strings” — a series of related problems that are presented to encourage children to use prior knowledge and a wide variety of mental problem solving strategies.

Social Studies

student works on a native american-inspired dwelling based on the 1800s

We believe that Social Studies teaching and learning is meaningful and powerful when it focuses on deep learning of a few important topics, rather than a superficial coverage of many topics (NCSS), and when the content is integrated across the curriculum and children are actively engaged in the process of constructing understanding through inquiry and research.

Media Literacy

2 students collaborate on a computer

Media literacy expands literacy to include reading and creative expression in all forms of media (text, image, video, code…) Through interdisciplinary activities and projects students establish a foundation of technical skills through projects aimed at mindful interaction with people and information online, responsible digital citizenship, and lifelong learning and creative expression.


student plays piano for a crowd in the PS130 auditorium

Students start out in the Musical Explorers curriculum where they explore singing and moving to multicultural music, then move on to Music and the Brain, a curriculum for group keyboard instruction. As our curriculum progresses students participate in the Link Up “The Orchestra Sings” curriculum where the learn to sing songs and play the recorder based on a repertoire of classical music. Students are divided into two 4th grade choruses and two 5th grade choruses where they learn to blend their voices and acquire the rudiments of good singing.


students tinker with a robot

The Science lab underwent a complete renovation to align tools, technology, and thematic work with the NYS Science Standards and the Core Curriculum. In keeping with best practice recommendations from the National Science Education Standards, our science lab is designed to allow hands-on differentiated scientific exploration for all students in grades Pre-K through 5th.

Physical Education

students running in the gym

We believe that Physical Education and Nutrition should be an interactive and positive experience. It is our goal for students to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity, and maintain personal health in their daily lives. Our curriculum is in alignment with the National Association for Sport and Physical Education Standards (NASPE) and the New York State learning standards for Physical Education.