PS 130 Equity & Inclusion

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World Culture Day: May 21st from 1-4pm

The Equity and Inclusion sub-committee of the PTA would like to extend a thank you to the teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff of PS 130! You have done an amazing job all year of making sure our children feel safe, supported, and celebrated for the things that make them unique and wonderful! The committee would like your help…


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PS.130 Teachers read aloud in our Anti-Racism Library

PS130 Equity Vision Statement

PS130 is committed to building an equitable school community that reflects our diversity of voices and experiences. We prioritize the work and practices necessary to cultivate a culture of inclusion, interdependence, and connection. Systemic injustices exist in our world and we believe that we have a responsibility to understand and address these injustices. Listening, reflection, and education are key elements in our pursuit to create a school that is equitable in regards to race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, and disability. 

Our goal of equity involves achieving the fullest possible participation for all members of our community. The ongoing work toward the achievement of this goal includes a commitment to building trust, fostering open and ongoing communication, examining and mitigating our biases, and experiencing discomfort and challenges. It also requires intentional and continuous reflection as well as proactive steps towards putting our principles into action each and every day. 

Equity and Inclusivity Monthly Themes

September: Latinx Heritage Month

October: Self Reflection & Identity Disability Awareness

November: Native American Heritage Month

December: A Closer Look at Racism

January: Allyship/Activism

February: Black History Month, Black Lives Matter

March: Women’s History Month; Perseverance and Empowerment 

April: Arab-American Heritage Month; Autism Awareness Month

May: National Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month; Jewish-American Heritage Month

June: National Caribbean American Heritage Month; And PRIDE month